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Summary And Solution To The Problem Of Color Deviation Of Full Color Led Display Screen

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Summary And Solution To The Problem Of Color Deviation Of Full Color Led Display Screen
Latest company news about Summary And Solution To The Problem Of Color Deviation Of  Full Color Led Display Screen

Summary And Solution To The Problem Of Color Deviation Of Full Color Led Display Screen



Why does the full color led display have the problem of color deviation ? Shenzhen LED WORLD tell you summary and solutions of full color led screen .



Problem 1: the color of full color led display screen is yellow

1. The baking temperature is too high or the baking time is too long;

2. With the wrong proportion of glue, glue A is easy to yellow.


Solution 1 of led screen color become yellow 

1.  AB glue can cure and demoulding within 120-140 ° c /30 minutes, and it is easy to turn yellow after baking for a long time over 150 ° c.

2.  AB glue at 120-130 ° c /30-40 minutes curing demoulding, more than 150 ° c or long baking will yellow.

3.  Do large lamp holder, to reduce the curing temperature.


Problem 2: bubble of LED display lamp

1. Bubbles in the bowl: the bracket is not well dipped in glue.

2. Scaffold bubble: the curing temperature is too high, and the epoxy curing is too intense.

3. Crack glue and blast top: short curing time, epoxy resin curing is not complete or uneven. AB exceeds usable time.

4. Bubble on the surface of the lamp cap: it is difficult for the epoxy adhesive to debubble or the vacuum of the user is not enough, and the glue preparation time is too long.


Solution 2 of Full color led display 

Improve process or contact epoxy supplier according to usage.


Problem 3: LED display bracket crawling glue reasons

1. Uneven surface of the support produces capillary phenomenon

2.  AB glue contains volatile materials


Solution 3 of Full color led display 

Please Contact with suppliers.


Question 4: causes of color discoloration of long bake after short bake in LED full color screen package

1. Too dense stacking in the oven leads to poor ventilation

2. Local temperature of the box is too high

3. There are other colored pollutants in the oven


Solution 4 of Full color LED display

Improve ventilation.Remove stain and confirm the actual temperature in oven


Problem 5:

the lamp on same row bracket, partial have coloration phenomenon or glue change time is differ, quality is uneven


Reason: insufficient stirring.


Solution 5 of Full color LED display panel

stir well, especially at the edges and corners of the container.




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