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What Are The Colors Of The Full-color LED Display?

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What Are The Colors Of The Full-color LED Display?
Latest company news about What Are The Colors Of The Full-color LED Display?

What Are The Colors Of The Full-color LED Display?


As we all know, LED full-color display is divided into monochrome, double-color and full-color. The biggest feature of LED full-color screen is bright colors. The authenticity of the restored image refers to the reducibility of the color of the display screen.At the same time can improve the expression of color, so that the LED full-color display color and brightness performance more self!But a lot of lay people do not know full color screen color what kind of?So today LED WORLD explain to you LED full color display screen what color?


LED full color display is divided into "four colors "?LED full color screen four colors: red, blue, green three colors are the primary color, and then through the combination of red and green to form yellow, red and blue to form amaranth, blue and green blue-green, three colors in one to form white.In order to make the color more rich, in the three primary colors to add an intermediate color.


If the increase of white is not justified by its color performance did not have any changes, brightness increased;Add fuchsia or turquoise but the color is increased, but the brightness is not enough;Therefore, the intermediate color, which can not only show the color rate but also improve the brightness, is finally chosen as the auxiliary color, changing from the original state of three pixels to the state of four pixels.


Yellow can be created by combining red and green, so both can be ignored.The wavelength of yellow has its advantages and can make the picture more vivid, so added yellow, making it a unique technology.Yellow is more penetrating, making the picture we see brighter and more colorful.

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