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What Is The Most Appropriate Model For Outdoor Full Color LED Display?

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What Is The Most Appropriate Model For Outdoor Full Color LED Display?
Latest company news about What Is The Most Appropriate Model For Outdoor Full Color LED Display?

What Is The Most Appropriate Model For Outdoor Full Color LED Display?


Outdoor full color LED display screen has been widely used in the field of advertising media in a single or multiple commercial centers and areas with large crowds of people, showing outdoor LED display screen, strong visual impact, super clear images and huge seismic force.It is conducive to the creation and dissemination of brand image, outdoor LED big screen is a local landmark, itself is a good advertisement.Now follow LED WORLD to know what type of outdoor full-color LED display is most suitable for installation?


1. According to the viewing distance:

"P" usually represents the pixel spacing, while the value after "P" mainly refers to the distance between two pixel points, which is usually referred to as the point spacing.In addition, the smaller the distance between the points, the higher the unit pixel, the display screen is suitable for close viewing.

Therefore, for the outdoor full color LED display, the distance is very close (5-10 meters), the selection range of P5 or P6, P8 or P10 can be up to 10-20 meters, and the progress adopts P10 or P16.


2. According to the area of the large led screen:

the screen area is less than 10 square meters, it is recommended to use P5 outdoor LED display (of course, if there is enough budget).

The screen area is between 10 and 20 square meters.P8 full color LED display is recommended.

the screen area is about 20x100 square meters, and the viewing distance is 10 meters.P10 panchromatic display is recommended.

If the area is over 100 square meters and the viewing distance is 30 meters, P12 full-color screen can be considered.

P16 is suitable for low definition, large display area, simple image and video image customers.


From the above analysis, we can conclude that, in fact, the area is related to the viewing distance.The further away you look, the larger the screen area, so the definition of display screen is not very high, so choose LED display and the distance between the point is larger.Of course, if you have an adequate budget, you can also choose a small screen spacing, but the cost is much higher and not cost-effective.Therefore, for outdoor LED display screen with the best display effect, it is necessary to consider the screen area, box type and budget according to actual needs.

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